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Sensciense Hair Care

Years of research by Zotos and Shiseido Laboratories have created a revolutionary breakthrough--Senscience Inner Hair Care with ICMC (Inner Cellular Membrane Complex). For the first time, ICMC replicates CMC (Cellular Membrane Complex), hair's elusive inner bonding fluid. As a result, hair's strength and vitality can now be rebuilt from within its core, regenerated from the inside out. The introduction of Senscience Inner Hair Care represents a turning point in the formulation of hair care and styling products.


Energy Shampoo Normal/Dry
Thoroughly cleanses while maintaining hair's natural moisture balance. Leaves hair full-bodied to improve workability during styling. Its patented formula contains color protecting ingredients which help to prevent color from fading, keeping hair tones fresh and vibrant.

Out of Stock

Energy Shampoo Dry
Gently cleanses while restoring elasticity and suppleness, increasing hair's manageability and shine. Its unique moisturizing properties revitalize over stressed hair by replenishing depleted precious oils. Especially effective on color-treated or chemically-treated hair.

Out of Stock

Pum ps for the bottles

32oz./33oz. Pump--$2.50


Inner Conditioner Fine
Light conditioning ingredients deliver maximum volume without weighing hair down. The quick penetrating formula repairs and strengthens fine hair, allowing hair to absorb the right amount of conditioning benefits with no unwanted build-up.

Out of Stock

Inner Conditioner Medium
Delivers the perfect balance of volume and control, providing improved elasticity and luster. Energizes and strengthens hair by restoring lost moisture, keeping hair soft and pliable with high shine.

Out of Stock

Inner Conditioner Coarse

Adds flexibility and manageability to hard-to-manage hair types. Repairs and strengthens hair by replenishing moisture, increasing the suppleness of stiff, course hair. Hair feels and looks softer, vibrant and healthier.

Pumps for the bottles

32oz./33oz. Pump--$2.50

Styling Products

This unique non-alcohol formula transforms from a liquid to a foam while leaving hair with added volume and shine that lasts all day. Hair looks and feels fuller and thicker.

Out of Stock


Hydrating Hair Masque
An intense masque that replenishes the hair's inner moisture.


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