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Multi Function Facial Steamer, High Frequency Machines

A facial steamer is necessary for your business, why not purchase a facial function multi unit machine that can perform other duties as well? The beauty of a facial high frequency machine with multiple functions is that it can very often save you both space and money. Whether you're looking for a simple portable steamer or a state-of-the-art unit.

Aroma Therapy Ozone
This steamer allows for various essential oils to be infused with the steam. The vapor arm can be adjusted up & down at an angle of 90 degrees, & rotated comletely in clockwise & counter clockwise directions. Water reservior is made of acrylic. It steams 30 min. Up to 30 min vapor.

Aroma Therapy Ozone--$249.95

Ozone Steamer & 5 Diaptor Magnifying Lamp

Ozone Steamer & 5 Diaptor Magnifying Lamp--$324.95

Ozone Steamer / 5 Diaptor Magnifying Lamp & High Frequency
Up to 30 min vapor comes w / handle + 3 electrodesAroma Herbal Ozone Steamer w / Basket

Ozone Steamer,5 Diaptor Magnifying Lamp High Frequency--$449.95

Aroma Herbal Ozone Steamer w / Basket
Add any of your favorite tea bag, orange peel & herbs to begin doing aroma therapy 30 min. steam

Aroma Herbal Ozone Steamer w / Basket--$289.95

Aroma Ozone Steamer w / brush & Mag. lamp

Aroma Ozone Steamer w / brush & Mag. lamp--$449.95

Digital Ozone Steamer w / Timer
60 minutes of vapor.

Digital Ozone Steamer w / Timer--$189.95

Ozone steamer w/ timer very quiet.

Ozone steamer w/ timer--$294.95

Ozone Steamer

Ozone Steamer--$169.95

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