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Hempz Tanning & Lotions

Body Lotions
We have a collection of the most popular professional Body Lotions & Self Tanning Lotions available with great fragrences. They will leave the skin feeling soft and smoothe.

VINEYARD COLLECTION Grapes contains a super anti-oxidant moisturizing formula with age-defying, nutraceutical-grade grape extracts along with rejuvenating amino acids, vitamins and trace elements to restore resiliency and elasticity of the skin’s surface. Made with 100% California grapes. 17 oz.


Hempz Herbal Moisturizer
The best selling lotion in the market to date. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Provides 12-hour moisturization.
Helps protect skin from free-radical scavengers.
Skin will appear softer and smoother instantly.



6pcs. 18oz.--$55.95


Hempz Ultra Dark Airbrush Tanner
10oz. A revolutionary, continuous spray, sunless tanning system that delivers exceptionally smooth, even color instantly, via an ultra-fine aerosol mist.


Hemp Cannabis Sativa Lotion
Is a revolutionary organic formula for the ultimate forbidden tan. Hempz™ is enriched with Natural Tannabis Sativa™ Hemp Seed Extract and is THC-Drug free.
Hemp Seed Extract nourishes skin with vital hydration.
Enriched with Vitamins E and C to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.



Hemp Cannabis Sativa Lotion HOT
Cannabi Sativa Lotion is a revolutionary organic formula for the ultimate forbidden tan. HEMPZ™ is enriched with Natural Tannabis Sativa™ Hemp Seed Extract and is THC-Drug free. Hemp Seed Extract nourishes the skin with vital hydration and enriched Vitamins E and C help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

HOT 9oz.--$26.95

Body Drench
A top selling water-based moisturizing formula. Contains elements essential to maintaining the skin’s natural elasticity, minimizing flaking and peeling, and retaining moisture vitamins A, E, panthenol, and NaPCA.




Body Invest

Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Nourishes, hydrates and softens skin. Exclusive formula includes encapsulated vitamin C as well as extracts of Green Tea, Golden Seal, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Rosemary and St. John's Wort.




California Mango Products

Mango Natural Hand & Body Lotion
Maintains and enhances skin's health. All natural antioxidant formula moisturizes, softens skin texture.




Mango Extreme Creme
A deep penetrating creme designed to hydrate, moisturize and protect extremely dry skin instantly.



Dead Sea Salt Radiance
Gently and effectively exfoliates dry, dead skin cells while moisturizing and revitalizing skin. Ideal for hands, feet, body, elbows and knees.



Glycerin Cream
A high performance skin care cream carefully formulated for people with sensitive and problem dry skin. Enriched with regenerative active ingredients and the balancing moisturizing properties of glycerine that protect skin against harsh elements and day-to-day damage from environmental influences. Acts immediately on rough, dry, chapped skin and creates a protective barrier. Stimulates rapid healing of irritated and slight injuries. Color free, fragrance free and preservative free.

Jar, 4 oz.--$9.95

Body Lotion
A pH factor of 5.5, biologically stabilizes the natural acid protective coat of the skin ensuring its moisture balance and health. Daily use after cleansing prevents skin from drying out, giving you a beautiful, healthy complexion. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Balances moisture and fat levels of the skin.

8.5 oz.--$11.95

Almond Dew Luscious


Citrus Dew Luscous


Gal. w/pump--$59.95

Cranberry Dew Luscous


Gal. w/pump--$59.95

Melon Dew Luscous


Gal. w/pump--$59.95

Peach Dew Luscous


Gal. w/pump--$59.95

Wild Pear/Jasmine
Dew Luscous


Self Tanning Products

St. Tropez Sunless Tanning Products
The #1 Sunless Tanning product on the market. It gives a rich, natural looking tan without the harmfuleffects of the sun.

Whipped Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse
Gives you a perfect tan every time without the damaging effects of the sun. Aloe leaf juice and AHA allows for the richest, longest lasting tan possible. Ideal for entire body, including the face.


Auto Bronzant
Goes on brown for a streakless application that will last for days. The aloe vera based lotion is non-greasy and quick drying.



Bronzing Mist
Has a weightless application that results in a natural-looking tan. Perfect and even instant color dries in 60 seconds, allowing you to "Mist it On" anytime. May be sprayed upside-down for hard-to-reach areas. This self-adjusting mist is oil-free and complements your skin tone while your tan continues to deepen over 3 hours - all without the damaging effects of the sun.


Body Moisturizer Hydrante
A dual-action lotion with L-tyrosine for accelerated tanning. Luxurious blend of plant extracts, essential oils and herbs.


Powder Bronzer
Creates an instant tan or can be used as a contour for special effects. Use alone on facial areas or with Auto-Bronzant for a more dramatic tan. Medium dark shade with matte finish.


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