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Depileve Professional Depilatory & Waxing Products!!

Depileve uses purified rosins and rich oils that provide excellent grip on fine or tough hair and leave the skin soft and smooth with minimal reddening. The different rosins are formulated for each skin and hair type in order to allow gentle hair removal. All waxes spread thinly and remove easily, eliminating unwanted hair, for those that prefer the traditional waxing system. (no strips)

Depilève Deluxe Warmer
Is thermostat controlled with adjustable heat settings, on/off switch and break-resistant plastic lid. 14 oz.

Deluxe Warmer--$80.00

Depilève Pearl Rosin Wax
Is tough on hair, gentle on skin. Perfect for sensitive skin and areas. Thin consistency. 14 oz.

Pearl Rosin Wax--$12.95

Intimate Film Rosin
is the first stripless wax specially formulated with hydrogenated Rosin, Avena Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter to hydrate and calm the most intimate areas. Applies like a soft wax, but removes easily with no mess. Ideal for Brazil waxing.

Intimate Film Rosin Wax--$12.95

Depilève All-Purpose Natural Pine Rosin Wax
Is the original pine rosin! Very cost-effective formula is ideal for large areas. Thin, easy to use consistency. 14 oz.

Pine Rosin Wax--$12.95

Depilève Essential Oil Lavender Rosin Wax
A delicate formula with lavender essential oil that gently removes hair leaving the skin smooth and soft. 14 oz.

Lavender Oil Rosin Wax--$12.95

Depilève Crystal Clear Wax
Provides a smooth and liquid application with excellent grip on fine and short hairs. Non-sticky formula for all types of skin. 14 oz.

Crystal Clear Wax--$12.95

Depilève Azulene Cream Rosin Wax
Is formulated for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Great for face, under arm and bikini line. 14 oz.

Azulene Cream Wax--$12.95

Depilève European Gold Hard Wax
A low temperature application with a creamy consistency. Ideal for extra-sensitive skin and areas. Apply thickly and let dry before removing. No strips required! 14 oz.

European Gold Hard Wax--$12.95

Depilève Monoi of Tahiti Stripless Extra Film Hard Wax
bonds with hair for less irritation and pain, with no strips required. Removes entire root bulb and the most stubborn coarse hairs with no stubble left behind. 14 oz.

Monoi of Tahiti Wax--$12.95

Non-Woven Strips & Rolls

Roll 3" x 55yds.--$19.95

Non-Woven Roll--$15.95

Body 3" x 9" 100ct.--$13.95

Non-Woven Strips--$13.95

Facial Strips 1" x 3"

Non-Woven Facial Strips 100ct.--$6.95

100% Muslin Strips

Body 3" x 9" 100ct.--$14.95

Muslin Body Strips--$11.95

Facial 1" x 3" 100ct.--$6.50

Muslin Facial Strips--$6.95

Body Applicator 100ct.--$9.95

Body Applicators--$9.95

Facial Applicator 100ct.--$6.95

Facial Applicators--$6.95





Depilève Dermal Base
Is an anti-bacterial that sanitizes skin and hands prior to waxing. Helps prevent spread of non-cosmial infections.

7 oz.--$8.50

Depilève Pre Base
Thoroughly cleans skin before waxing, removing makeup, deodorant, and body oils. Enriched with witch hazel and camphor.

7 oz.--$7.50

Depilève Milk Cleanser
Removes post-wax residue from skin while gently softening and moisturizing.

7 oz.--$7.95

Depilève Oil Cleanser
Water soluble azulene oil removes wax residue and softens skin.

7 oz.--$8.95

Depilève Soothing Creme
Is applied after hair removal when any allergenic or inflammatory reaction occurs. Evens skin tone and reduces redness in sensitive areas. Enriched with chamomile and aloe vera.

7 oz.--$10.95

Depilève Blue I.C.E.
Is a cool, comforting formula that soothes and calms skin after waxing.

7 oz.--$10.95

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