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Body Wraps, Slimming Gels, and Aromatherapy Treatments

Experience a the invigorating results of an Herbal Body Wrap with Therapeutic Sea Clay, or the stimulating effects of Natures purist Essential Oils

Slender Quest Sea Clay Formula Masks the entire body, targeting detoxification, while the Herbal/Aloe/Amino formula, a saturated wrap process, focuses on tissues and nourishment. In about 2 hours, both Slender Quest systems reduce body measurements and clogged tissues, allowing natural elastin to firm up and hold new contours shaped by the pressure wraps. This treatment is not a water loss process!

Start up Kit Includes, Therapeutic Sea Clay 1 gal., Herbal Aloe Amino Mist 8 oz., Herbal Aloe Amino Concentrate 1/2 gal., 30 Body Wraps, 6" each, Vinyl Body Suit XL,Australian Gold Moisturizing Body Spray 8 oz., Heating Tank, Wrap Motor, Tape Measure, 100 Brochure Packs
Poster, Body Wrap Training Video, Training Manual. Kit should produce over $3000 in services (body suits not included).


Therapeutic Sea Clay
Harvested from ancient sea beds and blended with pure herbal extracts to create a totally unique spa experience your clients will absolutely love.


Herbal Aloe Amino Concentrate
Is a therapeutic blend of aloe juice, witch hazel, horsetail, dandelion, coltsfoot, sage, thyme, fennel, chamomile, yarrow and other healing herbs and ingredients.

1/2 Gal.--$89.95

Herbal Amino Mist
The first step in both SlenderQuest procedures. Preps the body for full treatment wrap with therapeutic herbs, including horsetail, dandelion, coltsfoot, sage, thyme, fennel, chamomile, yarrow and more.


Elastic Body Wraps
Is of the highest medical quality for excellent wrapping results. 6" each. 5 yards.

6 Rolls--$47.95

Herbal Wrap Kit detoxifies with hot, herb-infused sheets that raise the core body temperature. Warming action aids in the release of impurities from the body, optimizing wrap treatments. Includes tongs, gloves, 2 herbal wraps, detox herbs 6 lbs., packet of Kleen Wrap and thermal blanket.


Silhouette Detoxifying Paraffin
Infused with herbs to naturally pull toxins from the skin. Transports nutrients through epidermis and penetrates fat pockets, allowing fat to pass through cell walls for excretion. Intensifies circulation to flush excess toxins, fluids and fats.


Disposable Bed cover sheets


Roll of plastic film
275yds. x 61/2"W


Aromatherapy Products

Salt Crystal Lamp
Natural generator of healthy ions and bioenergetic vibrations which can improve the air quality, energy level and one's general well being. A must for any salon or spa. Deposits in the salt rock are what make it fiery red. No two lamps are alike. Will produce 900 negative ions in one cc of air.

After a lightning storm, the air feels fresh and invigorating because negative ions have been generated. The Crystal Salt Lamp freshens the air in much the same way.Electric lamp with stone slate base. Approximately 7"W x 11"H.

Salt Lamp--$110.00

Beyond Diffusion Diffuser
Takes essential oils and through its patented diffusion system, breaks each droplet into a micro-mist and blends it with the air you breathe. You not only inhale fragrance, you also inhale therapeutic oil, which is partially absorbed into the blood stream. Features: Hygienic air filter, Time release feature/function, Adjustable outflow and Portable or wall mount. Features include: Hygenic air filter, no care required for 2-3 years, Time Release feature/function, Adjustable outflow, Portable or wallmount.

Beyond Diffusion--$160.00

Aroma Vera Atomizing Diffuser
The diffusers will be ideal at the Spa, home or in the office to fight airborne pollution and create a healthy and pleasant environment.While we breath, the micro particles of essential oils stimulate our odor receptors which are directly connected to the most primitive part of our brain, the Limbic System. The Limbic System is closely related to the subconscious and governs emotions and memory. As a result , the fragrance of diffused essential oils can help relieve stress and fatigue, lifting moods and emotions.
Uses 40 drops per hour for up to 500 sq. ft. On/off switch. 2 1/2H x 4 3/4 W x 3 1/4D

Aroma Vera Diffuser--$65.00

Replacement Glass--$12.00

Personal Ceramic Diffusers
Separate from small oil saucer for easy cleaning. 4" x 3 1/4"

Cobalt Diffuser--$16.00

Pearl Diffuser--$16.00

Aroma Vera Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the fragrant highly concentrated, volatile extracts from flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, woods and roots, each with its own benefits to the body and mind. They are the foundation of aromatherapy and the Aroma Vera line. Aroma Vera goes to great lengths to select for you the best essential oils from around the world, purchased directly from growers and distillers that we have known for many years guaranteeing purity. We now carry over 90 essential oils, oleoresins and absolutes extracted from wild or organic plants whenever possible.

Uplifting, refreshing and relaxing. Encourages cheerful emotions, ideal for depression. Its delicate, sweet aroma can also be used to freshen and uplift a room.
Warning Do not apply to the skin before going out into the sun - It can increase the susceptibility of the skin to severe burning.

1/3 oz.--$14.95

With its distinctive apple, herb aroma this oil aids sleep and soothes tired muscles. It also encourages emotional peace and calm with a gently calming effect on mind, body and emotions. An excellent oil for dry, sensitive and allergic skins.


With a dry woody perfume this oil is ideal for soothing, harmonizing and focusing the mind. Antiseptic and astringent properties beneficial to oily skin.


Cinnamon Leaf
Warm, Spicy, Tenacious. Improves Circulation, helps with exhaustion ands stress.


Eucalyptus Rectified
Well known camphoraceos odor, stimulating and cleansing especially in the winter months. A powerful, penetrating bactericidal and anti-viral oil for sickrooms.


Warm, Sweet and Balsamic. It is an astringent to help blemished an dry skin.


Sustaining, relaxing and restoring. It has a strong strengthening effect balances emotions and raises energy reserves whilst soothing mind and body. Balances sebum and is therefore suitable for all skin types. Has a penetrating floral perfume.


Refreshing and reviving, especially when feeling down this oil clears the mind and uplifts the spirits. A sharp, clear citrus fragrance.


The heady, exotic perfume uplifts and nurtures as well as boosting confidence. An emotionally warming sensual oil. Helpful for post-natal recovery and also a good skin tonic.


Clear light flowery aroma, versatile oil for relaxing and balancing for mind and body. Aids sleep, soothes tired muscles, benefits the immune system encourages stillness and tranquility. Has some antiseptic qualities and is useful for the skin.


Fresh, floral fragrance helps to relieve nervous exhaustion, fatigue, aches and pains.


Refreshes and cools bringing clarity to mind and emotions restoring vitality acting as a tonic to the circulatory system. Has beneficial effects on the immune system, is cleansing on the skin.


Fresh, grassy and citrus, it helps boost the immune system and repel insects.


An uplifting, energizing oil with a sweet fragrance. Uplifts and restores vigor aiding recovery during convalescence. Has an astringent tonic action on the skin.


A warm and spicy aroma with warm comforting tones. Eases loneliness and grief, relaxing for muscles especially after sport or work. Aids sleep and rest.


Appeases over sensitivity, nervous tension, and digestion.


Deep earthy, sensual, grounding oil which uplifts the spirit whilst clearing the mind. Moisturizing for dry skin. A musky, exotic, lingering aroma.


Stimulating and penetrating. Clears the head and soothes the emotions, soothes the digestive system, relieves tired feet and mind. A useful oil when traveling. A piercing menthol fragrance.


A powerful mental stimulant which aids memory and concentration, restores vitality and invigorates. helpful when overworked with a refreshing herb / wood fragrance.


Grounding, balancing and reviving, stabilizing and comforting to the emotions. A great oil to steady the mind, ideal for exams. Seductive floral woody perfume.


A relaxing and meditative oil with sensual properties, soothing and comforting to body and mind. Encourages feelings of well being. Helps aging, dry and itchy skin. Sweet woody fragrance.


It produces a calming effect and increases circulation.


Tea Tree
An effective oil with powerful antiseptic properties benefits the immune system disinfects and de-odorises, strengthens especially during the winter months and convalescence. Very helpful in skin care and currently very popular for a number of uses.


Ylang Ylang
An exotic and sensual oil with relaxing qualities. Soothes and uplifts and has a regulating effect on excited and nervous conditions. Good for both oily and dry skin. Sweet heady floral aroma.


Mood Synergy Blends

Relaxes the mind, ylang ylang, lavender, and tangerine.


Opens the lungs with eucalyptus, fir, and pine.


Increases sexual desire with ylang ylang, patchouli, and nutmeg.


It tones and awakens the body with peppermint, rosemary , and thyme.


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