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Skin Care Products & Accessories

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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Kit

Includes the following top quality Badger, Goat and Sable brushes with pouch.

1. Powder Brush-Goat
2. Blush Brush-Goat
3. Contour Brush-Goat
4. Fan Brush-Badger
5. Large Angular Brow Brush-Sable
6. Medium Angular Brow Brush-Sable
7. Small Angular Brow Brush-Sable
8. Large Shaow Brush-Sable
9. Medium Shaow Brush-Sable
10. Small Shadow Brush-Sable
11. Large Concealer Brush-Sable
12. SmallComcealer Brush-Sable
13. Crease Brush-Sable
14. Eye Shadow Applicator-Sable
15. Smudger
16. Thin Liner Brush-Sable
17. Eye Liner Brush-Sable
18. Eye Lash Comb/Eye Lash Brush
19. Mascara Brush
20. Lip Brush-Sable

Brush Kit--$44.95

6 Brush Kits--$240.00

AminoGenesis is a scientifically advanced skin care product that contains a special formula used extensively in the health care industry for it's ability to help rehabilitate and beautify the skin.

Years of research and testing have shown remarkable results for a wide variety of skin care challenges. AminoGenesis has tackled everything from severe skin trauma, such as injury and burns, to persistent maladies like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, to everyday concerns such as sun damage, discoloration and wrinkles.

AminoGenesis, gentle and easy to use, is now available to the general public.

Novita Spa
Treat your skin, senses and your soul to only purest of essential oils, European cold pressed botanicals, Marine extracts and our unique, pharmaceutical grade ABC Complex (Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy, and Stabilized Vitamin C). Gently exfoliate away the transgressions of your day, replenish your skin and renew your soul.

Talika Skin Care

Talika Skin Care produces quality skin treatment products that have satisfied the beauty demands of the modern woman for over 50 years. Known as the "eye specialist," Talika's philosophy is one of total respect for natural plant based ingredients ... the source of the purest and most efficacious treatments that nature can offer.

Tend Skin
The solution for any cosmetic problem related to hair removal. Men can use it on their face, neck and back of the head while women find it useful on legs, bikini line, underarms and anywhere else hair removal causes razor bumps. Use in conjunction with shaving, waxing electrolysis or epilating. Caution: If you have an allergy to Aspirin (hives, itching) do not use this product.

Make-up Cases
Portable Make-up Kits and Skin Care Tools.

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