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Professional Spa Towels

We are committed to bringing the best quality Professional Grade Spa products available on the market to day, for both the Professional and Home user, ensuring the Ultimate Spa experience wherever your Spa is located.

We have Towels for all of your applications, whether it be at the Salon Shampoo Bowl, or in the Spa Shower Facility.

White Salon Towels (shown above)
are durable and priced right, 2.5lbs per dozen, 16" x 25".

White 2.5lbs--$11.95

Multi-Colored Salon Towels
are made for commercial use. Bleach Resistant, Bleach, Perm Solutions, and other Salon Chemicals will not discolor or fade the Towels.

2.5lbs per dozen 16" x 25".

Black 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Burgundy 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Dark Gray 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Hunter Green 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Navy 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Teal 2.5lbs.--$19.95

Premium 3.25 lbs per dozen 16" x 28".


Premium 3.25 lbs per dozen 16" x 28". Bleach Resistant, Bleach, Perm Solutions, and other Salon Chemicals will not discolor or fade the Towels.

Black 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Burgundy 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Dark Gray 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Brown 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Royal Blue 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Hunter Green 3.25lbs.--$26.95

Teal 3.25lbs.--$26.95

White Premium Spa Towels

Hand Spa Towel 3.5lbs. per dozen 16" x 30".

Hand Towels--$42.95

White Sheet Spa Towels 22lbs. per dozen 35" x 70"

Sheet Spa towels--$144.95

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