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We are committed to bringing the best quality Professional Grade Spa products available on the market to day, for both the Professional and Home user, ensuring the Ultimate Spa experience wherever your Spa is located.

FDA Approved Cellulite Reduction

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We have the top brands of wax used by Professional Cosmetologists including Epil Lyss, Nufree Nudesse, Cirepil, Clean & Easy, Gigi, and Amber Wax Products. They are the leading brands in hair-removal.

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The family of Cirepil wax represents the finest in professional waxing. Cirepil waxes are easy to use and allow efficient and more economical waxing. The five waxes allow the Esthetician/Wax Specialist to make a more specialized analysis of the clients' hair and skin, which guarantees a more satisfying wax service. These waxes also heat at a lower temperature, are less sticky, and contain anti-irritants which results in the client enjoying the results of their smooth skin with less irritation.

Epil-Lyss wax is a perfectly well balanced line. It performs and is profitable many years of thorough study and research towards the user, technical as well as practical, have brought us to the conclusion that only one kind of lukewarm or hot wax, along with only one pre or post- depilatory product, cannot suit all the specific needs of each aesthetician.

Nufree is an antimicrobial , wax free botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective. Nufree has proved to be the best form of liquid epilation for over 30 years by Aestheticians, Dermatologist, and Plastic Surgeons. Nufree is a "non-wax, non-sugar" liquid product that joins with hair oils, NOT the skin.

Satin Smooth waxes imported from Italy. They are developed with a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contain a natural antibiotic caled propolis. All waxes have built in buffers to protect the skin and eliminate the need for dusting powder. The skin is left silky.

Clean & Easy Wax products offer a range of waxing solutions from mini facial rollers, to portable waxing solutions. They are very popular with the Professional Aesteticians.

GiGi Wax is the #1 selling wax in the USA. We have the complete range of GiGi wax products, for the home user or the professional. The leader in Professional Hair Removal.

Depileve uses purified rosins and rich oils that provide excellent grip on fine or tough hair and leave the skin soft and smooth with minimal reddening. The different rosins are formulated for each skin and hair type in order to allow gentle hair removal. All waxes spread thinly and remove easily, eliminating unwanted hair, for those that prefer the traditional waxing system. (no strips) Depileve don’t give a second thought.

Amber Waxing products are ideal for home or professional use. They have a uniform waxing system that is very effective at removing unwanted hair.

Developed over 40 years ago by Grete Rafael, a renowned European chemist, L’Orbette’s waxes are organic and accessories have stood the test of time and are a favorite among spas and salons that make all-natural products a priority.

Generations of women have relied on No-Tweeze wax depilatory for their beauty care needs. In fact, the women of the roaring 1920's began using No-Tweeze to stylishly arch their eyebrows and define their beauty without unwanted hair. Now, over eight decades later, No-Tweeze is still being used to enhance the beauty of today's woman with all natural hair inhibition including bikini waxes and eyebrow waxes.

GIFT CERTIFICATES offers Gift Certificates for those who want to give cutting edge gifts which allows that special person to order their favorite Beauty Supplies on-line. We offer a 10% discount on all Gift Certificates.

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