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These are some of our featured lines, all of our lines are listed on the left.

Alterna hair care product line was created for one simple purpose - to change the way people think about hair care. Born from years of intensive research and development, Alterna's goal is to continually push the alternative envelope by revealing the latest in hair care ingredients and technologies in order to shape the future of professional hair care. The end result - beautiful, healthy looking hair at any age.

Sexy Hair Concepts is a vanguard, hairdresser-led enterprise in the professional beauty industry that is committed to enhancing the human potential of its members by creating fun new products that summon emotion, and educational systems that provoke thought and artistry.

CHI Transformation System - Cationic Hydration Interlink

The Power of Ceramic Heat, Ions, and Silk to Permanently Transform Hair.

The CHI Transformation System is an Advanced American Technology utilizing four key elements to transform the hair:

Ceramic Heat
Negative Ions
Pure Natural Silk
Cationic Hydration Interlink

Hayashi Systems - A Systematic Approach To Hair Care
Hayashi's deep-penetrating haircare products are formulated to interact with each other in perfect synergy bringing various hair and scalp types into perfect balance, insuring healthy looking hair that's fortified with shine.

Image Hair Care has been a favorite of consumers who require the latest technology in Natural hair care. Their products are not tested on animals.

Jingles Hair Care Products

For over twenty years, the name Jingles International has been synonymous with progressive creativity in the field of hair fashion. Our professional hair care product line is a cumulation of our experiences and of our needs, refined to bring you the best of the best. Like valuable sculptures, each product stands on its own, yet there exists a complete system.

France's Laboratoires Klorane has specialized in hair care for more than 30 years and all their outstanding products are designed to be in harmony with Nature and to provide gentle, natural solutions to every type of hair care and scalp problem you may have. Made only from carefully selected pure plant extracts, and made with the greatest of scientific care and precision.

Malibu 2000 products are the results of extensive research on how water, sun, and air affect the skin and hair. Exclusive products for Chlorine & Well Water Solutions.

...Nature and Earth United with Science.
For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to making nature's finest premium products to cleanse, condition, and style. Behind all Nexxus products is one simple, yet revolutionary idea: hair that looks truly alive comes from feeding it a balanced diet. Like the human body, hair requires essential nutrients to stay healthy and vibrant. Selected Nexxus products now incorporate 21st century technology.

The Paul Mitchell System - Cleanse, Condition is designed to accommodate the needs of all hair types. With a diverse range of Paul Mitchell products to select from, they can be customized to fit every person's unique and individual needs.

Sexy Hair Concepts is a vanguard, hairdresser-led enterprise in the professional beauty industry that is committed to enhancing the human potential of its members by creating fun new products that summon emotion, and educational systems that provoke thought and artistry.

Shimmer Lights from Clairol Professional
is the best selling shampoo for toning gold or

brassy tones in the hair.

Trevor Sorbie Hair Care Products

This range is the first to incorporate a highly effective, unique antioxidant complex of grapeseed, green tea and vitamin E as well as a UV filter. This complex is scientifically proven to protect the hair against damage caused by free radicals and heat styling, as well as improving condition and preventing colour fade.

Therapro Hair Loss Regrowth Products
Therapro is approved by the FDA. Nutracell Complex vitamins, herbal extracts & a specialized blend of antioxidants to neutralize the formation of free radicals which damage healthy hair cells; natural vitamin stimulators which assist in increasing the scalp's micro circulatory network, improving nutrient and oxygen uptake.

Tresemme Hair Care Products
Creating beautiful hair is an art, Tresemme has the ingredients to support any hair style, and any texture. Try these exciting new products.

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